Blameless, Part 15

January 3, 2021
Pastor Bob teaches about Job’s friends and how all three men have a theology that doesn’t consider the concept of undeserved suffering or the idea of grace and undeserved favor.
Discover's Candlelight Christmas Eve service is a traditional style service including call and response, candle lighting, communion, and benediction. This service offers the nostalgia of a midnight service in a…

Blameless, Part 14

November 22, 2020
Chapters 9 and 10 of the book of Job are job's response to the accusations leveled against him. He is again left in anguish, and realizes how badly he needs…

Blameless, Part 13

November 15, 2020
In this week's message, we see Jobs friend Bildad take his turn at accusing without really knowing. This is a trap many of us fall into today.