Blessed Are The Peacemakers

January 28, 2018
The Lord has gifted some of those among us to be peacemakers. In this weeks message, we look at the true meaning of “peace maker” from God’s perspective.

We Are The Body

January 21, 2018
In this weekend’s message, titled “We are the Body,” Pastor Bob talks about how each of us is individually called to be part of the body of Christ.
When you receive Jesus Christ, you also receive the gifts of the Spirit. Have you ever thought about why? The apostle Paul teaches us that they are given so that…

First Message

January 7, 2018
In this first message as Discover Community Church, Pastor Bob shares how he got the vision and mission for the Church. We study James 1:22 which compels us to be…

God’s Covenant Love

December 31, 2017
Hosea is a love story between God and his people. No matter how many times we fall, or walk our own path, he welcomes us back with open arms!